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Our solution offers a number of advantages with respect to alternative technologies of biomass-to-energy conversion:

- Small-scale (the installed capacity of the single module is of 300kWe or less), high efficiency plant thanks to combined heat and power production, allowing decentralized energy generation

- Superior electrical efficiency (50% higher than a conventional conversion process of the same size based on biomass combustion) and, as a consequence, higher return on investment in the plant

- Extremely compact design, allowing the plant to be conveniently located in any agricultural or industrial environment (higher plant efficiency implies reduced logistic requirements in terms of biomass storage, number of transports etc., and the characteristics of the thermochemical conversion process consent to reduce the footprint both in terms of plant height and surface area occupied)

- Scalability through modular approach (by installing multiple modules you get the desired electrical capacity, commensurate with the availability of local biomass)

- Broad range of applicable fuels (virtually any organic material having C-H-O composition can be used in gasification through appropriate pretreatments)

- Very low emissions level (the gasification process itself does not produce any emissions) and substantial amount of CO2 avoided

- Virtually no waste products (the only by-product of the process is the ash originally contained in the biomass fed to the plant), all the energy potential of the biomass is exploited

- Large variety of possible applications (the process allows the transformation of the energy carrier from solid to gas, increasing ease and ability to use: the syngas can be used to fuel internal combustion engines for power production or fired directly for the production of heat in existing plants such as kilns, boilers or industrial dryers)

- Complete automation through the use of a PLC based control system. The control system is designed with the purpose of ensuring the necessary availability and reliability along with the maximum safety of the entire system
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