Gasification process converts the biomass, a renewable fuel, into co-products which are themselves fuels. The power derived from gasification and combustion of the resultant products is considered to be a source of renewable energy if the gasified compounds were obtained from biomass.

Energy conversion of gasification products is achieved through the use of technological solutions that are best suited to the characteristics of each fuel stream:

- syngas, the most relevant stream, is converted into power and heat through a high-yield cogenerator (internal combustion engine)
- char and pyrolysis oil are converted into thermal energy through a secondary oxidation reactor (oxidizer)

The typical configuration of a Bio&Watt gasification system, in which all streams are converted to produce power and heat, is illustrated below. Gross overall yield of the system in this configuration is around 75รท80%.

Conversione Syngas - Syngas Conversion

The power produced converting biomass can be used on site or poured into the national grid to get the incentives granted for the generation of electricity from renewable sources.

The heat can be transferred to thermal loads (e.g. district heating, biomass drying, industrial drying processes) or converted into additional power through an ORC system.

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