In the field of energy production from RES, the strict control of emissions from power generation systems is particularly important, also because of the "environmental value" of this type of installations.

Greenhouse effect
The environmental impact of converting a renewable source such as wood chips into energy is null, because it returns to the atmosphere the same amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by plants through the photosynthesis during their growth.

Air emissions
Bio&Watt gasification plant adopts the state of the art of available technology (BAT - Best Available Techniques) in order to control emissions. In particular:

Gaseous effluents
- gasification process produces no emissions, transforming solid biomass into a gas which is entirely channeled to the CHP module
- the CHP module, depending on size and technological characteristics of the internal combustion engine, is equipped with a catalytic converter or a SCR system for the abatement of pollutants
- the oxidizer is equipped with an SNCR system (with use of a reagent) for NOx control
- exhaust gases, before exiting to the atmosphere, undergo a further treatment aimed at controlling particulate material through the use of a de-dusting cyclone and a baghouse filter
Emissioni syngas
Plant waste
The only effluent produced by the plant is the ash initially contained in the biomass. This bio-ash is rich in nutrients (such as potassium and phosphorus) and could be effectively utilized by the farming industry.
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