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September, 09 - 2013 - Released the new and improved control and management system for syngas powered engines
December, 01 - 2012 - Officially inaugurated in Pomarico (Matera) the gasification plant for electricity production from agricultural biomass

We are committed to working for a sustainable development of the Energy Production from Renewable Sources, through the use of an innovative and efficient technology that delivers small size plants and extremely low environmental impacts.

Innovation is our passion, and our mean. We collaborate with universities and research centers, nation-wide and internationally, to evaluate and transfer to our plants state-of-the-art technologies, materials and processes. We work with suppliers/partners with the highest expertise on the market in their respective fields.

In this way, we aspire to enable the development of new models of economic growth based on the exploitation of available biomass. The high efficiency of the process and the small-scale of the plant allow to attain the production of electrical and thermal energy in self-production units of small size located in several points of the territory, where the biomass is present and available. The unique characteristics of the gasification process allow a wide range of applications, ranging from Agro-Energy chains to Biowaste to Energy. Our industrial project aims to develop a small-scale, distributed power generation technology based on the gasification process.

Agro-Energy chains
The gasification of virgin biomass from dedicated energy crops can produce renewable energy more efficiently, and therefore with higher profitability than alternative technologies based on combustion.

Other than from energy crops, virgin biomass can be derived from agricultural residues or industrial by-products such as forest service residues or saw mill shaving chips, and nonetheless represent a valuable resource to be exploited through the gasification technology. Our system has been designed focusing on the concept of flexibility with respect to the biomass fed, which may vary significantly in order to its physical and chemical characteristics though continuing to fuel the process effectively. Through our plants different businesses like farming, forest servicing, etc. can provide a stable and additional source of income to their business.

Biowaste to Energy

Beyond being able to use a wide variety of organic materials to produce power and heat, the gasification process has another important characteristic: it performs a strong volume shrinkage of the mass input (the only residue of the thermochemical process is the ash contained in the biomass). This suggests the application of the process to waste feedstocks generated by agricultural or industrial activities, that will be transformed into energy rather than disposed to landfill, making such a transformation not only economically viable but also environmentally sustainable.

Our plant’s design is suited to gasifying virgin biomass (i.e. wood chips) as well as organic waste fractions like anaerobic digestate, poultry litter, sewage sludge from civil and industrial water treatment processes (i.e. wastewater sludge or paper mill sludge) and still meet all the applicable emissions regulations.

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